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About Us

Our Mission : Listen, Advise, Innovate

Dubois Agrinovation’s mission is to be the leader in advice and solutions for irrigation, plastic mulch film, floating row covers, greenhouse & nursery equipement, vineyard & orchard equipement and the effective use of plastic picking basket, harvest containers, and harvest bins.

To find a solution adapted to your situation, listening to your needs is our fundamental approach. The advice, the expertise, and the quality of our service team bring an added value to the products offered.

We are always developing and searching for new technologies to improve the quality of your work and your profitability.

Dubois Agrinovation was created in order to usher in a new era in agriculture

Dubois Agrinovation is the result of business acquisition and restructuring. In 2004, we acquired Dubois & Sons Limited, a well established and well known company, specialized since 1945 in irrigation products. This purchase was the first step toward the creation of an independent entity that would offer a larger range of irrigation products, and of plasticulture, and of floating row covers, and of harvest containers and farm equipment for plasticulture. On June 30th 2005, following the reorganization, Dubois Agrinovation was created to usher in a new era in agriculture.

Why Dubois Agrinovation?

Agrinovation stands for the merger of agriculture and innovation. In the ag business, Dubois has earned its reputation among growers and suppliers. Dubois Agrinovation’s North American success is based on the values, the knowledge, the versatility of our team, the quality of our products and of our customer service. We believe in integrity, respect, and honesty towards our customers and our business partners.