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Terrateck 125 mm. Swing Weeder Set for Hoe

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125 mm. Swing Weeder Set for Hoe

  • 125 mm. Swing Weeder Set for Hoe
  • 125 mm. Swing Weeder Set installed on Hoe
Product No. Width Height Weight
OUTKHSARCOSC125175 mm260 mm1.45 kg

The swing weeder allows you to weed more precisely and effectively in under developed or poor crops.  The set includes the 125 mm swing weeder and the universal hoe bracket.

The swing of the hoe gives impulse to the movement which increases comfort while working. The swing may be accentuated or diminished by the Terrateck hoe flange.  Equipped with a hardened double steel blade, these hoes allow weeding by pushing and pulling. The thin blade (less than 2 mm) allows a clean and precise cut of unwanted weeds which are quickly pulled out by the back and forth motion of the operator.

The swing weeder fastened directly to the Terrateck hoe on the universal hoe support.  This support makes it possible to fix the entire range of swing weeder to the frame of the Terrateck hoe. It allows you to work with the hoe on a single wheel (between rows) or with two wheels (on both sides of the row).

Tightening of the swing weeding hoe on the universal support is done with the mounting key which is always present on your garden hoe.

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