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1000 l Bulk Container

Item # IS RES-1000
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1000 l Bulk Container

Product No. Dimensions Weight
IS RES-100040 '' X 48 '' X 46 ''132 pounds

FDA Approve polyethylene (HDPE) reusable tank with metallic, protective frame designed to carry and store liquids and granulated substances. In agriculture, this tool is used as water source for soil irrigation or to contain, among others, fertilizer. The tank is also used in greenhouses to temper water to avoid putting plants under stress during irrigation. Water that is overly hot or cold can affect plant growth.



  • Easy-to carry cubical shape
  • Easily filled and loaded
  • Certified food grade


Technical details:

  • Two-inch quick-connect plastic butterfly valve that controls the flow of water
  • Opening of over six inches

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