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1.75 bu. Green Harvest Containers

Item # CUVBU007644E04
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1.75 bu. Green Harvest Containers

Product No. Capacity Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Drainage Storage
CUVBU007644E0475 to 80 lb23" X 18" X 12"YesStack & nest

General purpose green plastic harvest container with slots for ventilation and drainage. Used for mushrooms, grapes, asparagus, and other small fruits and vegetables.

  • Suitable for mushrooms, grapes, asparagus, and other small fruits and vegetables
  • Side and bottom slots provide ventilation and drainage
  • Stacking posts permit rigid stacking by rotating container 180º; can be nested when empty
  • UV inhibitor added – resistant to fading
  • Color: dark green
  • Food Grade Approved

Customer Reviews

High quality container Review by Nathon Hall
General appreciation

Hint: one handle has a corrugated texture; the other does not. That's the easy way to determine the orientation for nesting or stacking.

The only complaint I have is that after days in the sun, the sides begin to bow in or out slightly, making them a little more difficult to nest. It requires a bit more effort to pull them apart. Not a big deal, just a bit annoying. (Posted on 18-09-19)
A good product Review by Yavonna
General appreciation
The containers are very sturdy and work well for transporting and storing. They can be difficult to stack because the ends are different from each other which only allows one way to stack. So, it does take extra time to make sure bottom and top containers are lined up. (Posted on 16-10-29)

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