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1.32 bu. Beige Harvest Containers

Item # CUVBU007648E
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1.32 bu. Beige Harvest Containers

Product No. Capacity Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Drainage Storage
CUVBU007648E50 to 60 lb22" X 14" X 14"YesStack & nest

Field plastic harvest containers with bottom and side holes for drainage and ventilation, large capacity for in-field harvesting and transport.

  • Large capacity for in-field harvesting and transport
  • Can be stacked or nested by rotating container 180º
  • Side & bottom slots permit ventilation and drainage
  • UV inhibitor added – resistant to fading
  • Color: beige

Customer Reviews

Solid and Sturdy - not the best for small scale veggies Review by Abe
General appreciation
Stack and nest well
Easy to clean

Large holes on the bottom means dirt easily gets into the bins if you drag them
Tall bins, not easy to tip veggies out in a controlled manner (Posted on 14-06-23)

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